"OH so smooth cold brewed kombucha"

We deliver freshly crafted cold brewed kombucha in glass growlers with that classic kombucha carbonation. Select your cadence (monthly or weekly) and simply leave your washed growlers out for us to replace with a fresh growler full of cold-brewed kombucha. 


 Treat us like the old age milkman... but this time call us BuchaBaes with jugs of bubbly kombucha.

Love the benefits but hate the bubbles?


We have you covered. Say hello to our non-carbonated line of kombucha perfect for those who are more sensitive to the bubbles but love the benefits of kombucha. Or maybe you like how portable and mixable this is? Whatever the case is, Boxed Booch has you covered.

 Click here to learn more about our new Boxed Booch.

FRESH kombucha your way everybae

Glass Growlers aND/OR Boxed Booch delivered to your door



$23.50/Boxed Booch




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Crafted with love in New Jersey

 Jersey City, NJ