2 Growler Delivery | Glass Growlers
  • 2 Growler Delivery | Glass Growlers


    Cold brewed and freshly crafted for your enjoyment. Enjoy the refreshing taste of that classic kombucha experience with that cold brewed smooth experience. Each growler is made to order and is freshly brewed for your enjoyment.


    Step 1:

    Select your flavors from the dropdown.


    Step 2:

    Keep an eye out for our confirmation email and make some room in your fridge.


    How it works

    Once a Month Delivery:

    Every month we will send you 2 growlers for your enjoyment. Be sure to let us know what flavors you want in your order (via the dropdown). Let us know before your next order if you want to switch your flavors out. Due to limited inventory, we cannot guarantee you the new flavor by that next order, but we will do our best to fill. 


    Please email us at Jennifer@buchabae.com with your order confirmation number and your name in the subject line. 



    Important Notes:

    Be sure to place this in the refrigerator when you receive it. And for that upgraded refreshing feel, a nice ice cube will do the trick! 

    • Return/Refund Policy

      Return/Refund Policy

      We love that you are supporting our local business. At this time, we are not accepting any returns of the product due to kombucha's perishable nature. 

      If you are interested, we have glass bottles available at our local partners as well as farmer's markets.

      (Please see "Where them baes at" tab to learn more).

    • Cancellation Policy

      If for whatever reason you want to cancel, please cancel no later than Wednesday of your next expected delivery for us to stop your subscription. Please email Jennifer@buchabae.com

    Price Options
    One-time purchase
    Monthly Delivery
    $45.00monthly/ auto-renew