One Time Delivery
  • One Time Delivery

    What's inside the box?

    Cold Brewed Kombucha. Be sure to select the flavor you want (check out our flavor page to learn more about each flavor w/ nutrition facts).



    60 Fl Ounces = ~ 7.5 servings 

    That's at least a week's worth of kombucha! Or enough to bring on your next adventure!


    The impact:

    Lowers your eco-footprint by 40%

    Portable and light 




    The fun:

    This booch loves coolers, hiking, picnics, sports, and providing you with that healthy and refreshing sip after a long week. Boxed Booch loves to be paired with various liquors to make unique cocktails too! In addition, its favorite place to be is inside a glass cup—although biodegradable plant-based plastic cups are okay too!


    Important Notes:

    Be sure to place this in the refrigerator when you receive it. And for that upgraded refreshing feel, a nice ice cube will do the trick! 

    • Refrigerate upon delivery

      Please refrigerate upon delivery! 


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