BaeBerry (6 Pack Of Cold Brew Kombucha)




Flavorful, Bold and Refreshing--

BaeBerry's bold profile is crafted from whole blueberries (no juice please) and whole ginger root to balance out the blueberry's natural sweetness. The result is a berry-filled explosion that dances on your tongue with every sip. One sip of this and you will have your taste buds singing! Feeling a little bubbly? Maybe you got a pep in your step?


Cue in one of your favorite songs and grab this bae!



Bae's Corner



-Real Ingredients 

-Smooth Tasting




Kombucha* (water, organic tea mixture, sugar, kombucha culture), lavender, lemon


Servings/bottle: 1.5 (12 fl ounces)

Sugars/serving: 5 grams



100% all natural, real ingredients with no food coloring or dyes

(Just how Mother Nature likes it!)

  • Refrigerate upon delivery

    Please make sure you refrigerate once you receive your delivery! Kombucha tastes better and is at its best when refrigerated.

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