2 Picnic bottles (750 ml/bottle)

2 Picnic bottles (750 ml/bottle)

Elevate your day with these fun cold brew craft kombucha picnic bottles. Bring it to your next bbq or amp up date night/girls night out.


Each batch is cold brewed and freshly crafted for your enjoyment. With real ingredients, low sugar and the smoothese profile, it's no wonder why we are the bae. Enjoy the refreshing taste of that classic kombucha experience with that healthy cold brewed smooth experience. Each bottle is made to order and is freshly brewed for your enjoyment.


Please note that if you are ever near any of our farmer's markets or events, you can bring in your picnic bottles for a refill and a discount. Be sure to follow us @BuchaBae on instagram for bottle drop locations! 

  • Kombucha 101

    Please make sure that you pop these in the fridge when you receive them! Please also note that these bottles will last 2 months in the fridge.

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