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BuchaBae is a woman-owned cold brew craft kombucha company based in Jersey City. BuchaBae was inspired by (our founder) Jennifer’s fond memories of growing up in a close-knit, third-generation Asian-American household. Family and togetherness were integral to her upbringing. Every life moment big or small was a reason to come together to celebrate through good food and drink. Jennifer’s grandparents immigrated to America from two different parts of China. Since her grandparents do not share the same dialect, they communicate through food. Great meals became the glue that created an inclusive environment filled with togetherness and happiness.

Jennifer wanted to create a beverage that is healthy and accessible to everyone. Her determination to promote a healthier lifestyle inclusive to everyone is her true passion. By producing one of the first cold brew craft kombucha, she discovered that her product was so smooth and refreshing that even her non-kombucha loving friends and family loved the great taste and the benefits.

BuchaBae is more than just a healthy probiotic tea. It’s a community. It’s the kombucha for the all day, EveryBae. It’s the bae you bring with you to live your best and healthiest life.  We always have a seat at the table for you!

Our Story

Small Footprint Cold Brewed Kombucha Company | Made with love in a commercial kitchen


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Kombucha is brewed using high temperatures
to steep their teas quickly

Many harsh and bitter tannins are released due to
the interaction of tea leaves and high heat

Sugary juices are often added to the kombucha to flavor and to soften the harsh bitterness

How others brew

How we COLD brew

BuchaBae is cold-brewed and relies on time rather than high temperatures

The tea naturally steeps for at least 24 hours to ensure proper antioxidants, PH and smoothness

We add real fruits (never from sugary fruit juice)  to complement and enhance our smooth tasting brew 

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24 hours.png


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Fun facts:

  • We compost our tea

  • At farmer's markets, we accept growler returns

  • we only use real fruit, no fake ingredients

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